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ASN Active Directory Manager

Active Directory Reporting and Management Tool With Multi-Domain Support.
ASN Active Directory Manager ASN Active Directory Manager supports Reporting and Bulk Management for multiple domains in a single installation. More than 250 reports available including exchange reports. And the generated reports can be saved as pdf/csv/xls/html/word files. Also the reports can be e-mailed to given admin e-mail ids on a timely basis.
Bulk users creation and modification is now made simple using csv import and other advanced options. Thousands of user records can be created in few seconds using a user friendly GUI.
Actions such as enable, disable, reset password, unlock locked accounts, restoring deleted objects, join/leave groups can be performed on a set of bulk objects with proper e-mail notification.

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AdSysNet AD Inactive Account Tracker

Inactive, inaccessible users tracking and Password/Account expiry alert.
AdSysNet AD Inactive Account Tracker AdSysNet AD Inactive Account tracker is a simple tool that helps the Active Directory Administrators to track all the inactive and inaccessible resources including users and computers and provides the option to make decision on the inactive resources whether to cleanup or re-activate.
Option to send password/account expiry alert e-mails on a timely basis.
Auto inactive users cleanup on a timely basis.

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AdSysNet Active Directory Reporter

Active Directory and Exchange Reporting Tool
ASN Active Directory Network Monitor AdSysNet Active Directory Reporter is a simple tool for Active Directory and Exchange Reporting. The tool supports Reporting for multiple domains in a single installation. Also this tool can be installed in a workgroup machine, the remote domains in the network can be managed from the workgroup machine.

Also, the reports can be scheduled to the given Admin e-mail addresses.

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News and Releases

AdSysNet LDAP Searcher V1.0 [22 Apr 2014]

Option to search AD objects by keyword.
Option to create and execute ldap queries.
Option to export the search result.
E-mailing the search result.
ASN Active Directory Manager V4.1.2.0 [01 Apr 2014]

Option to view the security permissions of any selected AD object from all the generated reports.
Option to copy the selected attributes or except selected attributes in bulk objects creation & modification process.
New default configurations missing issue during version up-gradation is now fixed.
ASN AD Inactive Account Tracker V2.0.1.0 [10 April 2014]

Option to configure a schedule to send alert mails for the users whose password/account is to be expired in next few days.
Option to configure a schedule to cleanup(disable, delete, expire password) the users being inactive for a long time.
Option to configure a schedule to periodically sending reports to the admin e-mail addresses.
And issues fixes in version 1.0
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