AdSysNet Active Directory Reporter

AdSysNet Active Directory Reporter is a simple tool for Active Directory and Exchange Reporting. The tool supports Reporting for multiple domains in a single installation. Also this tool can be installed in a workgroup machine, the remote domains in the network can be managed from the workgroup machine.

Active Directory reporting is available for the active directory objects such as users, groups, computers, contact, organizationalunits, GPOS, fine-grained password policies and exchange server objects such as mailboxes, mail users, distribution groups, distribution lists and mail contacts.

AdSysNet Active Directory Reporter provides more than 250 reports over the active directory and exchange server objects. Some of the important reports needed for auditing purposes,

  • Groups having particular member - Lists all the nested memberships (groups) of a selected user.
  • Users present in a particular group - Lists all the nested members (users) of the selected group.
  • Users not logged on in last few days - Lists all the users being inactive for last x days by querying all the Domain Controllers.

NTFS reports lets the Administrators to list all the available shares in the selected server or workstation and view its share permissions and security permissions. Also the user/group having full/any control on the server shares can be listed.

Security Reports lets the Administrators to list all the non-inheritable AD objects under selected scope and view its permissions.

All the generated reports can be exported in to CSV, PDF, EXCEL and HTML files. Also, AdSysNet Active Directory Reporter provides the option to schedule the selected reports to the set of Admin e-mail addresses on a timely basis.

With the report generation, AdSysNet Active Directory Reporter also lets the Administrators to perform actions such as enable, disable, unlock, reset password, move, join dis-join groups, restoring deleted objects and more on the selected objects.