Active Directory Bulk Image Edit

ASN Active Directory Manager provides the simple user interface to set and unset thumbnail photo for single and bulk users in few clicks.

Set and clear image for single user

Here the Administrators can easily set and clear the thumbnail photo for any user using simple user interface. By default, ASN Active Directory Manager uses thumbnailPhoto attribute for setting the profile image for the Active Directory Users. And the attributes can be customized. To set thumbnail photo for a single user, select the user (by using search) in Bulk modification user interface. Click "Specify the attributes to update", check the "Thumbnail photo" attribute and select the image file to set. To clear the thumbnail photo, check the attribute and do not select the image file, leave it blank. Also, thumbnail photo can be set from Reports table by clicking the "Properties" for the selected user.

Set thumbnail photo for bulk users

ASN Active Directory Manager Bulk Modification user interface allows the AD Administrators to easily set the thumbnail photo for set bulk users in an single click. To set image for bulk users, all the images for bulk users need to be placed in a foler with mapping the user's any ldap attribute value. ASN Active Directory Manager recommends to have the images with user's samaccountname attribute since it is unique in Domain level. Select the set of users in bulk modification user interface, and set the column thumbnail photo with a macro value(please refer the below images). The Administrators can verify the file names before starting update. And the result can saved as csv file for reference.

Clear thumbnail photo for bulk users

To clear the thumbnail photo for bulk users, select the users to remove thumbnail photo in bulk mofification user interface. Check the "thumbnail photo" attribute in the properties dialog and you can the thumbnail photo attribute is set to be "empty" in table of content. Active Directory Manager clear the image field if it is set with the value "empty".