Manage Remote Domains

Now it is easy to manage different domains using ASN Active Directory Manager. Also ASN Active Directory Manager is designed to be installed in a workgroup machine(not connected to any domain), and multiple domains in the network can be managed from the single workgroup installation. If the tool is installed on the domain connected machine (workstation, member server or domain controller), ASN Active Directory Manager manages the current domain using the login credentials. Unlimited number of domains in the network can be managed using ASN Active Directory Manager single installation.

Most of the organizations managing their network resources by defining more active directory domains (parent-child and multi-domains). So the Administrators need to install the active directory tools on every domain. ASN Active Directory Manager V3.0 supports managing multiple domains (parent-child, domains in different forest in the network) from a centralized user interface. Unlimited domains can be managed using ASN Active Directory Manager single installation.

Add New Domain

To add a new domain, ASN Active Directory Manager requires the following details,

  • Domain name (
  • Managing scope (DC=domain,DC=com)
  • Connect as (administrator)
  • Password (for the connect as user)
  • Domain controllers (Names or IP Addresses)

The Domain connection status can be verified at any time by clicking "Check status" button. And the domain connection parameters can be modified later.

Switching Domains

Admnistrators can easily switch to any added domain at any time. ASN Active Directory Manager displays the currently managed domain details in the top right notification area. The added domains are listed in a drop down to easily switch.

ASN Active Directory Manager issues license for particular domain. To register the license file, the domain details must need to be added. If the tool is running in current domain, Administrators no need to add the domain details to register the license. For registering the remote domain license files, Administrators need to add the domain details before registering the license.