Schedule Active Directory and Exchange Reports

It is very useful for the Active Directory Administrators to receive the status the of active directory users and computers report as csv/pdf/xls files on a timely basis. It will be much helpful for the Administrators during Auditing. ASN Active Directory Manager helps the Administrator to schedule all the available reports to the given e-mail addresses.

To run the configured schedule, ASN Active Directory Manager requires the user credentials to generate the reports. If the tool is installed in a domain connected machine (domain controller, member server or domain workstation) and managing the current domain, the credetials must be specified to run the schedules. If the remote domain scope is managed using given credentials, no need to specify the credentials to run the schedule. Schedule will use the entered credentials to manage the remote domain scope.

Please confirm the following two options are enabled, to create and execute schedules.

  • SMTP settings - It must be configured to send the generated reports to the given e-mail addresses.
  • Scheduler service status is starting/run - The scheduler service executes the configured reports at the configured time.

Select the reports to be scheduled

More reports can be scheduled in a single schedule. Every report is saved as a individual file of specified format. There is an option to compress all this report files to a zip file and the zip file is sent to the given admin e-mail addresses. Most of the reports are generated without provinding any inputs. And some reports such as inactive users for last few days, deleted users by advaced option, etc requires inputs to be specified to generate the report.

Evey report can be generated under a different given container scope in a single schedule and can be saved as different file format such as PDF/CSV/XLS/HTML/WORD formats.

Specify the schedule triggering

The schedule can be specified to trigger on once, particular day intervals, particular days on selected consecutive weeks and selected days/dates on the selected months. There is an option end time, to specify the cyclic schedulewhen to end.

The e-mail sent by scheduler contains the configured subject and content, attachments of selected report files as well as table of summary about the configured reports, its status and corresponding report file names. Also the last trigger status for any schedule can be viewed by clicking "View last trigger summary..." available on schedule list GUI.

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