AdSysNet LDAP Searcher

AdSysNet LDAP Searcher is a simple utility to search the active directory objects. Also the tool lets the Administrators to execute the customized ldap queries. The tool supports few built-in ldap queries which helps the Administrators to easily track the Active Directory objects.

AdSysNet LDAP Searcher lets the Administrators to control the active directory searching by configuring the settings. Administrators can configure which attributes needs to be searched with which conditions and what are the columns to be shown on showing the search result.

Another option to search the active directory objects is forming ldap queries. This feature is like Saved Queries in Active Directory Users and Computers. AdSysNet LDAP Searcher provides the simple graphical user interface to form the ldap query.

AdSysNet LDAP Searcher provides the built-in ldap queries for listing all users, enabled users, disabled users, locked users, all groups, bulit-in groups, distribution groups, security groups, all computers, workstations, domain controllers and all contacts.

Moreover searching Active Directory objects and executing ldap queries, the tool supports exporting the search result table to csv, pdf, excel and html files. Also the result table can be e-mailed to the given e-mail addresses.